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Postal & Services Current Address:

24 Fairholt Rd London N16 5HW

Former VCC Synagogue now Bobov can be visited:

90 Egerton Road London N16 6UE


T: 020 8801 1999

F: 0208801 0999

Thanks! We are currently busy Praying for your good. Please bear with us for a reply!

Leadership Authority:  Rabbi Max Goldstein


Services Led by:  Reverend Efrayim Goldstein

Honorary Secretary: Mrs H Rose & Mr Lenski

Central Box:  

Daily Prayer Hours:

Shacharis- 10:15 am      |      Mincha - 8:30 pm      |      Maariv- 8:40 pm

Daily Meals Services:   ( Please Book in advance)

Breakfast- 11am      |      Lunch- 1pm      |      Dinner - 8:55pm

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