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Who Is The VCC Team:


Max (Mordchie)


Certified Rabbi & 

Community Ambassador

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Honourable Secretary

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Certified Reverend &

 Advocate Representative





Board Chairman

About The
Victoria Community Centre:

Introducing Rabbi Maxi Goldstein & Reverend Efrayim Goldstein: Nurturing a Timeless Community

Since 1990, Rabbi Maxi Goldstein & Reverend Efrayim Goldstein have been integral members of our close-knit community. In 1998, Rabbi Maxi Goldstein was appointed to oversee our services and provide steadfast leadership, solidifying the foundations of our vibrant congregation. With over 2000 dedicated members, our community thrives on a shared sense of purpose and belonging.

Our cherished site, formerly under the stewardship of The United Synagogue, found new roots in the Bobov Community in recent years, marking a significant chapter in our history. While we may have bid farewell to our historical site, we've embraced the spirit of adaptability and have opened smaller branches to ensure we continue serving our members with utmost dedication.

Our diverse community comprises large families and esteemed seniors, united by a deep commitment to support one another through joyous celebrations and challenging times alike. At moments of celebration, we share in your happiness, and during times of hardship, we stand by your side, offering solace and guidance.

Our paramount mission is to foster and preserve the Jewish religion for the Jewish community. Embracing modernity while honoring tradition, we hold daily services at our new centers, with Mincha and Mariv in the evenings, and a soulful Shabbos night service followed by a communal meal. On Shabbos day, our meaty Kiddush brings us together in a spirit of camaraderie. Please remember to book in advance for our Shabbos service by contacting the Rabbi's office or emailing us at least one week ahead.

As devoted pilgrims, we embark on transformative Rosh Hashuna & Yom Kippur trips to Israel & Hungary, retracing the sacred steps of our forefathers, praying in the very places that have shaped our heritage.

Our latest centers, Bais Usher on Fairholt Rd N16 5HW and Breslov St Andrews Grove N16, stand as beacons of warmth and spirituality, inviting you to join our ever-welcoming community.

Membership at our Community Centre is open and free, with a few criteria to ensure our collective values and customs are upheld. To become a valued member, abide by the country's laws, and embrace the teachings of the Torah, beautifully simplified in the Shilchan Aruch.

In our community, acceptance knows no bounds. We do not judge based on color, identity, or attire. All are genuinely welcome, and our doors remain wide open to anyone seeking spiritual enrichment and genuine connection.

Join Rabbi Maxi Goldstein, Reverend Efrayim Goldstein, and our vibrant community, where timeless traditions blend harmoniously with contemporary compassion. Together, we continue to build a place of unwavering love, support, and reverence for our shared heritage.

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