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Torah Reading

Welcome to   בית אשר - לונדון
Victoria Community Centre

A dynamic community devoted to developing an Jewish way of life

Our Soup Kitchen & Community Centre Hub to help local

business and charity's are in the search for a new home!

Weekday Services Timetable:

Shacharis - 10:00am - שחרית

Only on Rosh Chodesh רק בראש חודש

Mincha - 8:30 pm - מנחה

Please Be on time!

Maariv - 8:40 pm - מעריב

Followed by Dinner ( RSVP)

Shabbos   שבת  &  Yom Tov יום טוב Services and programme! 

Kabolas Shabbos - קבלת שבת


Summer:                        Winter:

30mins after Zman        40mins before Zman


Shabbos Shacharis


After morning services, Kiddush - קידושא רבא

Mincha 1 hour before Rabeinu Tam 

Followed by: light Meal שלישית סעודה

Mariv - Rabeinu Tam  Zman

Followed by: Havdalah - הַבדָלָה

Star of David

Make a Donation

Contact our Gabbai to Donate or sponsor a Kiddush

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